Marcia McMillen

Artist Statement

Color demands an emotional connection. Without color, the world is diminished.

“Color moves me. When I paint, my creative energy flows in abundance, creating layers and depth, and I am in the moment. It is my hope that others will be drawn to my paintings and experience the same emotion, energy and suspension of time.” says Marcia.

McMillen was born in Michigan, but has lived all over the United States, from the Deep South to the East and West Coasts.  She came back to the Great Lake State to attend the University of Michigan, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  During her years at Michigan, she studied under “colorist” Vincent Castagnacci. “Castagnacci opened my eyes to color.” At Michigan she also found inspiration in the work of Canadian painter Tom Thomas. And her work continues to be influenced by Gerhard Richter.

With a background as a branding expert, McMillen felt privileged to work in a creative environment throughout her professional career.

She resides in a historic neighborhood in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area with her husband and is very active in the arts, urban living and the non-profit community. She enjoys exploring our national parks and traveling international.


Curriculum Vitae

University of Michigan, Bachelor of Fine Arts

2017 |  Studio V | Flow 2017 | Cincinnati, OH  
2012 |  Spring Brew Café  |  The Girls |  Crescent Springs, KY
1981 |  Rackham Graduate School University of Michigan |  Beginnings  |  Ann Arbor, MI  

2019 |  Fire Island National Seashore |  September 2019 |  Fire Island, NY

2018 |  ADC Fine Arts |  Art Comes Alive, purchase award |  Cincinnati, Ohio
2018 |  The Carnegie |  Swap |  Covington, Kentucky
2018 |  Stamps Gallery University of Michigan |  Future Forward |  Ann Arbor, Michigan
2018 |  124 East Pike Street Gallery |  Spring 2018 | Covington, Kentucky
2017 |  124 East Pike Street Gallery |  Holiday Group |  Covington, Kentucky
2016 |  University of Cincinnati Health |  Survivor: A Journey of Courage & Healing  |  Cincinnati, OH
2015 |  Work Gallery |  Puzzles, Riddles and Enigmas |  Ann Arbor, Michigan
2015 |  Art Design Consultant   |  ACA   Cincinnati, OH   Represention
2013 |  Women’s Art Club of Cincinnati|  Annual Show |   Mariemont, OH
2012 |  Pop Revolution | The Kiss | Cincinnati, OH    
1980 |  Henry Ford Library| Scholars |  Dearborn, Michigan   

2015 |  The Sankofa Review |   McMillen on Mackintosh by Jennifer King, May 14, 2015


Painting Prices                                                                                          

Acceptance, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   Private Collection
Action, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Blue Turbulence, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Bursting Open, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Breaking Free, Acrylic On Canvas 6x6   $300
Contribution, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Cool Layers, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   Private Collection
Curious Exploration, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Ease, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Embrace & Hold, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Elevate Again, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   Private Collection
Excited for Spring, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Flourish, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   Private Collection
Generous, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Guiding, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Gratitude, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   Private Collection
Intensity, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Journey, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
July 20th, Acrylic On Canvas 16x12   $500
The Light, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Mixing, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Move Change, Acrylic On Canvas 24x36   $1,500
Over & Under, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Overlay, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Poised to Move, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Racing, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Rain Storm, Acrylic On Canvas 12x12   $500
Rise Up, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   $2,000
Sailing on Friday, Acrylic On Canvas 24x24   $1,500
Shortest Path Acrylic On Canvas 6x6   $300
Seeds, Acrylic On Canvas 6x6   $300
Storm, Acrylic On Canvas 18x24   $1,000
September Valley, Acrylic On Canvas 36x36   Private Collection
Transition, Acrylic On Canvas 18x24   $1,000
Under & Growing, Acrylic On Canvas 24x18   $1,000
Winter Stream, Acrylic On Canvas 24x36   $1,500
Your Own Level, Acrylic On Canvas 6x6   $300